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In 2011, Eclectic Stuff first opened its doors in a small location on Lakeside Avenue. Rather rapidly, we outgrew our first location and moved just minutes down the way to Carytown.  In 2015 we expanded our store to encompass a second location three blocks down. In 2016 we renovated an adjoining space and brought our two stores together into one large space. Unfortunately, our center was bought and Publix became the anchor. With all these changes, they decided it would be best to remodel our entire center. We had found a new location, just down the street, but unfortunately the building had the wrong zoning. We are now in selling out of two antique malls:

The Country Shoppes in Culpepper, VA

Unique Antiques Mall in King George, VA
(Starting September 1st)

We are a family & locally owned business.

Our Eclectic Stuff Ambassador:

As a young kitten he was found in August 2015 at a feral colony that Eclectic Stuff has been working with for about 5 years now. Cecil is our superstar, because he doesn't let his special needs get in the way.

Have any questions, just ASK! We might not have it in the store now, but if you ASK we might be able to find something for you.
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